Almost one out of five students will face mental health problems at some point. For the more than 40.000 students of the Associatie Universiteit en Hogescholen Antwerpen (AUHA) this signifies an important need for support and counseling. Psy-net is the answer to this growing demand for mental healthcare.

Psy-net is a collaboration between on the one hand student counselors and student psychologists and on the other external trainers and psychotherapists. This network offers students quick and efficient assistance. It provides further training and supervision to student counselors and psychologists as well.

What can Psy-net do for the student?

Psy-net collaborates with external therapists and trainers to offer group training in addition to diverse therapeutic approaches to meet all possible needs.

Students seeking help should first contact the student counselor or psychologist of their own university or university college. Together they will assess the need for further care. Individual sessions are possible in English, while group training is only offered in Dutch.

You can find the participating schools here.

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