There are various possibilities to de-stress, take stock of things, and strengthen your resilience

Are you sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of work that comes your way? Do you have so much to deal with that sometimes you can’t stop thinking? Are you looking for good ways to deal with stress or let off steam? Would you like to try out some tools to improve your well-being or would you like to talk to someone about it?

Within your college or university, you will find an offer that you can use yourself. Be sure to check out the intranet of your educational institution.

Below you will find a website with tools that you can use to maintain, improve or even test your resilience.

Student platform Moodspace

MoodSpace is a place for students. Full of reliable info, tips, and self-help to cope with emotional problems and study resiliently and powerfully. With room for student stories, pep talks, and directions toward a listening ear. In short: the check and the support for your mental health.