Your college or university’s psycho-social counseling service is part of Psy-net and acts as your first point of contact.

You are welcome with big and small questions concerning mental health or psychological problems. You can also come to us when you worry about a friend and want to know what you can do to help.

Psy-net is a collaboration between student counselors and student psychologists and external therapists and social workers within Antwerp. With the help of the support network Psy-net, you can receive quick and expert help, both within the educational institutions and externally.

Individual counseling

The student counselors are available for psycho-social counseling. Together we will work to help you deal with the concerns or obstacles you experience in your daily life. For many students, this form of support is sufficient to help them move forward.

Sometimes, you have a very specific help request and your student counselor/student psychologist will assess that a referral to a counselor outside the institution will be more effective for you. They can rely on a group of private therapists who are specialized in a specific area of counseling. On top of this, they also collaborate with other external social workers and they can refer you to the right aid.

Here, you can have a look at where you can go for help.

Group sessions and training

On top of individual counseling, we also organize group sessions, training, and activities on mental health. We focus on topics students can struggle with during their course of study. We teach you how to deal with performance anxiety, how to worry less, sleep better, handle procrastination, and become mentally fit. Joining these sessions is free. Be sure to have a look at intranet / the student portal of your educational institution.

Here you can have a look at where you can go for help.

What can you expect from your student counselor / student psychologist?

  • Your student counselor specializes in study processes and how they interact with mental health issues;
  • Your student counselor has professional confidentiality;
  • If your student advisor supports you, the assistance will be free of charge;
  • Your student advisor tries to schedule an initial appointment with you within a two- or three-week time frame.

What to expect when you are referred?

  • Your student advisor will help you find the right outside counselor;
  • Your college or university will, if it is assessed that this is necessary, provide financial support to start with a private therapist.


You contact the student services or information service at your educational institution to request a meeting with a student counselor/student psychologist.

You can find the contact information for the psychological counseling service below and also on your institution’s information channels.

Universiteit Antwerpen

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AP Hogeschool Antwerpen

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Karel de Grote Hogeschool

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Antwerp Maritime academy

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Instituut voor Tropische Geneeskunde

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KU Leuven Campus Antwerpen

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Thomas More Antwerpen

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