An interprofessional network on student mental health in Antwerp.

Psy-net is an interprofessional network on mental health, both to ensure quality care for students, and to exchange expertise between the different mental health partners for students.

Tiered care offer

The step to psychosocial counseling takes place at the student’s initiative or after referral. Students themselves take the initiative to apply.

We strive for a network, within which referrals can be made easily. The psycho-social guidance program for students is organized according to the principle of tiered care.

Phase 1

The various student guidance services within the educational institutions play a crucial role in this. These services employ student counselors, psychologists, and psychotherapists who are focused on the prevention and treatment of study-related and other psychological problems among students. They have knowledge and expertise about study processes and their interaction with psychological problems, they are familiar with the problems of disabilities, as well as the process of choosing a field of study and reorientation.

Phase 2

In the next phase of the counseling process, various forms of highly qualified counseling may be called upon outside the college or university. In order to make appropriate use of this specialist counseling, Psy-net has a diversified network of external counselors, care- and support providers, and other professionals who meet specific quality criteria.

Psy-net has a cooperation agreement with a group of private psychotherapists who specialize in a specific problem and provide individual psychotherapy for students, outside the involved educational institutions. For students who are referred by the student counselors/psychologists to private therapists with an ‘informed consent’ document, partial reimbursement is provided by Psy-net.

Expand and strengthen collaboration with external partners

We are looking for external partners in order to refer as quickly and as specifically as possible.

If you like to work with the target group of students and want to join us in realizing smooth accessibility for the students, you can contact Psy-net.

There are some basic requirements to join as a private therapist:

  • You have a bachelor’s degree and an additional four-year therapy program
  • You are a psychologist, orthopedagogue or physician with additional therapy training
  • You are a psychologist or orthopedagogue with specific expertise and experience in autism or ADHD counseling
  • You are willing to take on a new student on a regular basis

We offer you

  • A network of student counselors/psychologists and external therapists/counselors
  • An annual meeting opportunity to get to know network partners better – we provide compensation for participation
  • Training sessions which you can attend free of charge

Interested? Then together we can explore the possibilities of collaboration and referrals.